Turn Your iPhone Into a Legitimate Point-and-Shoot

Clip-on lenses and an integrated interface address one of the few weaknesses in the iPhone package.

The quality of the pictures that modern smartphones can produce is staggering. Here’s evidence: Last year, Bentley shot a five-minute commercial exclusively using iPhones. The thing is, while the phones have adequate sensor capacity and more than enough computing power, the need for flat surfaces means tiny, tiny lenses. To address that weakness, and to improve ergonomics, Seattle-based startup Moment is offering an iPhone case with a built-in lens mount, for its high-quality lens attachments, a shutter button and integrated app. With the Moment case, your iPhone 6 turns into a legitimate point-and-shoot, with a multi-feature shutter button, a raised grip for steadier one-handed pictures and the option to interchange between Moment’s telephoto and wide-angle lenses, yet maintains a slim and pocket-friendly profile (just under 10 mm). The lenses and shutter-response are professional-grade, which means they’ll do wonders for whatever mundane slices of life you choose to document. [$199 for the case and both lenses; kickstarter.com/momentcase]