This Turtle Shell Is King of the Beach

Finally, a Bluetooth speaker tough enough to keep up with you, from beach bashes to pool parties and everything in between.
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The days of rocking an oversize boom box at the beach have faded faster than a swell at the North Shore, but that doesn’t mean you have to crank your tunes with a tinny portable speaker—or one with circuitry that can’t handle a little horseplay. Enter the aptly named Big Turtle Shell from Outdoor Tech, which brings the noise via two five-watt speakers and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for up to 16 hours of play. Your phone provides the music with a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 linkup, and the Big Turtle Shell takes care of the rest, putting out a dynamic, bass-forward sound at a volume of up to 110 decibels—loud enough to create an instant party anywhere. Best feature: It’s drop-, dust-, and water-resistant, so no matter how wild things get (that was just beer, right?), the jams will keep kicking. [$230;]

Photos by Jamie Chung