Find Your Car and Fuel Your Phone with this Two-in-One Charger

Never lose your car or let your phone die again.


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How many times have you parked your car, waltzed into your evening activities, then completely forgotten where you parked? Well, fear the garage labyrinth no more because this Zus smart charger is now going for 40% off. With the Zus, you’ll be able to find your car in no time, then use the charger to fully juice up your smartphone battery. Double duty, for sure.

Using low-energy Bluetooth so as not to drain your battery, the companion phone app tracks the location of your car from the signal sent out by the Zus charger. It will even let you know on the map when you’re getting closer or farther away. With military grade titanium coating, this sleek device is as durable as it looks. On top of that, this charger gasses up your phone at two times the normal speed.

Now 40% off, this smart charger is a game-changer. The tracker doesn’t even require a data plan, and with a built-in cooling system, you don’t have to sweat about it overheating inside your ride. With or without the ignition on, it’ll rapidly charge up any device. 

Get charging.