The Ultimate BBQ Tool Shields Your Mitts From Getting Scorched

Summer’s not over yet. This 6-piece stainless steel set is a great way to protect your paws while grilling.

Although great barbecuing utilizes seasoning, such a succulent way of life shouldn’t be constrained by the seasons. And while winds, frost, rain and snow won’t stop us from grilling, third-degree burns will certainly put a dent in our plans. To protect yourself from the intense heat, occasional flare-ups and searing spatter (without resorting to wearing tacky oven mitts), check out Grill Daddy’s Heat Shield Ultimate BBQ Tools 6-Piece Set.

The spatula features a thermometer built into the handle and the heat shield rotates to protect your hand in any position. Its 5.5-inch telescoping handle (for a total reach of 25 inches) comes in handy with extra large grills. And the head can quickly be swapped for other attachments.

This set includes a tong (also with heat shield), fork with extra-long tines, 9.5-inch wide fish flipper and high temperature silicone basting brush. It features comfortable ABS plastic handles and is conveniently dishwasher safe.

Definitely the coolest BBQ tool set, (protected) hands down.