This Paracord Grenade Is Secretly Packed With 26 Survival Tools

A handy (non-explosive) life saver.

Packed inside this innocent looking M-550 Pro Paracord Survival Grenade is a plethora of strategic survival items for all you would-be MacGyvers out there. Just look at all the stuff that’s cleverly crammed into the kit, just waiting to be deployed in the wild!

35 feet of Tactical Camo and 15 feet of Charcoal Grey 550 paracord

2 feet of Safety Orange 95 paracord

LED light

Mini pocket knife

Dog tag signal mirror

Fire starting rod


30 feet of 12-pound test fishing line

4 fish hooks

4 split shot weights

2 Bobby pins

Universal handcuff key

2 Butterfly sutures

P38 Can opener

Compressed towel tablet (just add water)

Matches (6 waterproof, 2 stormproof)

4 feet of jute twine

Needle and thread

Extremely sharp razor blade

8 feet of military-grade tripwire


Aluminum foil

Wire saw

4 Water purification tablets

2 Safety pins

Whistle buckle

2 Split rings

4 Feet of electrical tape

By the way, once you unravel the thing, there’s no re-raveling it. But at least you can use the compass without wrecking your enviably cool grenade-like package. It’ll set you back $69, but if you ever find yourself needing it, it’ll pay for itself by saving your ass.

Photos by Surf City Paracord via Etsy