The Ultimate Rubber Band Machine Gun Unleashes Elastic Warfare

Let the heavens rain rubber on your foes.

In the next Expendables sequel, Barney and the boys (which includes Ronda Rousey) all take office jobs. You know, just winding down after all that tiring globe-trotting mercenary work. Anyway, one day a harmless but oblivious coworker innocently flicks a single rubber band that lands on the bulging chest of Terry Crews’ character, Caesar. He looks down at the lone band, powerflexes out of  his button-down shirt and whips out from under his desk The Rubber Band Machine Gun. Caesar lets out a roar as he sprays 14 rubber bands per second from the gun’s battery-powered rotating 16 barrels, before spending the full 672-band payload and burying the strangely surprised dweeb under a pile of rubber retaliation.

While obviously our fantasy film plot is fake, the gun is actually real. It kicked ass on Kickstarter last year, raising almost 30 times its modest $5,000 goal. And now it’s on sale for just $100, with an optional but well worth-it $15 “Fast Charger” gadget for reloading dozens of rubber bands at a time. This video shows how it works:

Also available in black and burnt versions (for about a hundred bucks more), the RBMG is a fine piece of woodworking craftsmanship. It comes with the gun, a rack and 700 bands to start you on your way. Brandish this thing and you’ll earn instant office respect. 

Photos by Rubber Band Machine Gun