This Special Forces-Inspired Tactical Dagger Is The Ultimate Self-Defense Tool

Find out why it’s just as lethal as a concealed firearm.

push dagger Benchmade

If anyone might have a coolly precise idea as to what might make the perfect non-ballistic self-defense tool, it might be an experienced special forces operative. Greg Thompson, the designer of the Benchmade Spear Point tactical dagger, is just that guy.

Thompson trained special operators for 15 years prior to deciding it was time to put his wealth of tactical and hand-to-hand knowledge to a practical use. He then designed a prototype of this boot-friendly dagger and it was picked up by Portland, OR-based Benchmade. 

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This fixed blade beauty comes with a smooth plastic sheath designed for fast access. It’s made out of 440c steel and in its serrated blade and nubbed grip loop you can see that it was intended for use in any kind of critical close quarters combat situation. 

A dull training model is available if you want to spar without ripping your partner to shreds. 

You can grab the Spear Point on Amazon for just under $100.

h/t HiConsumption