The Ultimate Urban Messenger Does Way More Than Charge Your Phone

In fact, we're still trying to figure out what this bag doesn't do.
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Just offering a stylish, tough and expandable bag with a built-in dual wireless charging 20,000mAh battery capable of charging your phone up to ten times would've been enough. But that's just the beginning of WiTology's C-Series Urban Messenger.

It sports plenty of room for your whole day's gear, from the office to the gym. Along the way, not only will that powerful battery charge your devices, but also activates safety lights for when you bike with it at night. Likewise, it offers lights inside the flap, so you can quickly find what you want without having to grope around aimlessly in the dark. (Not that that's a bad thing to do under different circumstances.)

Along with a handy little credit card and change holder, built into the strap is a versatile multifunction button. Using the bag's companion app, it can help you find your phone, record audio or video, or conversely find your bag. In case we missed any of its fine features, check out this video:

This highly practical, adaptable and functional messenger is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. A pledge of about $260 (converted from British pounds) will save you 25% off this super bag, which is expected to be slung over shoulders worldwide starting in March.

Photos by WiTology