This Universal Remote Is Also a Media Streamer

Can your remote do that?

When your uncle was a lad, he actually had to get off his duff to change the TV channel. How Draconian! Then came the remote control—tethered at first, eventually wireless. And another. And another. Finally, thirty years ago in an effort to declutter the living room, Philips developed the first universal control. Fast forward (if you can) to today, when we have more remote-controlled devices than ever.

Combining a set-top box and an automatically updated app, Blumoo ($99) offers a customizable remote that’s not just universal, but also serves up searchable programming listings, along with the ability to stream media from your smartphone to pretty much any stereo. And we’re talking long-range Bluetooth, up to 150 feet away (not line-of-sight).

So let’s sum up: You control what you want (as long as it comes with a remote), how you want (including with macros), make it look like you want and play where you want, without ever getting outdated. Where do we sign?

Now we just have to work on that awful, cow-themed name.

Photos by Flyover Innovations