Unlock Your Car with Your Watch

Ford’s new smartwatch app opens a world of functions and information….from your wrist.

It’s like something out of those (then futuristic, now nostalgic) 1993 AT&T “You Will” TV ads. Did you ever check your plug-in hybrid vehicle’s charging status and cruising range, using your watch? Did you ever turn on the climate controls, get walking directions to and then unlock your electric battery car, all from your wrist? You will. Actually, if you own a Ford C-MAX Energi, Focus Electric or Fusion Energi, you can potentially do those things right now. That’s because Ford just updated its MyFord Mobile app for both Android and Apple aficionados (to work on both round and square screens).

Other cool features include the ability to access previous trip stats, socially share your driving efficiency achievements and even look up info in your car’s manual. For vehicles that charge, you can program the car to start sucking up juice when utility rates are cheapest, see how long it should take to top off and receive an alert when it’s charged enough to reach a particular destination.

What will they think of next?!

Photos by The Ford Motor Company