The Unstealable Bike

Read it and weep, urchins. 

Here’s the issue with most bike locks, no matter how sturdy or Lifetime Guaranteed: they’re still breakable, and after they’re inevitable broken, thieves come away with an intact bike. That perennial frustration motivated the founders of the Yerka Project to radically integrate and and make a lock out of the bike’s frame. That way, the only means to break the lock is to break the bike, and what thief wants to risk arrest over a structurally-compromised two-wheeler? And unlike the alternative solution, the dreaded folding bike, the Yerka bike is sleek, full-sized and simple, just like any other urban bicycle. The company’s Indiegogo campaign starts Wednesday, and bikes will retail for $399, a decent price for the joys of fearless urban cycling. [$399;]