Upgrade Your Jacket With This Multi-Tool Zipper Pull

An emergency tool that (literally) goes anywhere you do.

We’re no stranger to multi-tools that come in untraditional packages, and this zipper pull seeking funding on Kickstarter is perhaps one of the most useful we’ve come across.

The cleverly dubbed Fly Pry is made from titanium, and is just about as big as a quarter—but it’s worth infinitely more. It packs a flat-head screwdriver, box cutter edge, a bottle opener, hex bit adapter, and more into one compact attachment. Not ready to make a fashion statement that screams, “Tim the Tool Man?”. Not to worry, Fly Pry can easily be affixed to a keychain or briefcase zipper instead.

They’ve already surpassed their modest $2,100 goal on Kickstarter, so get one while it’s in pre-order for just $25, before they inevitably raise the prices.