A User’s Guide To Meerkat, The Latest Video App You Absolutely Need

Livestream everything and there will always be witnesses.

This weekend, the just-released live video app Meerkat exploded onto the scene, garnering thousands of downloads as everyone and that TechCrunch writer they know rushed to stream their day. What happened next is – to paraphrase Upworthy – extreme believable: A lot of people did a lot of boring things publicly. Because the app is linked to Twitter, early adopters with massive followings were able to treat their fans to, well, not much. Live theater is actually pretty hard to do.

But that doesn’t mean Meerkat will be nothing more than a flash video in the pan. To the contrary, the app, which is already getting into some static with Twitter, is immensely usable for very specific purposes. Here is a list of 11 ways we plan on using it. This is why you need need this app you didn’t know existed to you clicked this story:

1) Humiliating Your Friends: Is your buddy bad at dancing? Is he dancing? Would you like to see him dancing live on the internet? We thought so.

2) Broadcasting Your Rec League Softball Game: No, ESPN8 isn’t going to come down to the local park to capture the Free Swingers’ latest triumph, but if the team has Meerkat and a Twitter account your supporters can sit back with a beer and continue to avoid you.

3) Tracking Your Dog: Start Meerkat then tape it to your dog. See what he’s up to when you’re not around.

4) Securing the Fridge: Want to know who is stealing you lunch from the work fridge. Leave your phone inside.

5) Freaking Out Your Parents: Show them a live image of themselves on your computer. If they watch CSI (they do), this will freak them out.

6) Doing Sexy Stuff: We’re not really sure about this application yet, but – this being the internet – someone will come up with something.

7) Gloating: Doing something great? Rub peoples face in it.

8) Shooting the Pilot for a Television Show: Send a network exec a link to the stream. You’ve got a single-camera show. Congrats.

9) Monitoring Your Baby: You deserve some sleep. Crowdsource the most important thing in your life.

10) Recording Yourself Opening Snapchats: Because internet inception never gets old.

11) Using for a Day or Two Before Getting Bored: Common usage.