This Is the Cadillac of Personal Vaporizers

The 3-in-1 gadget is the smartest vaporizer on the market.

The battery-powered vaporizer may be the most revolutionary advance in smoking since the Chinese started utilizing the water pipe during the Ming dynasty. In recent years, the technology has found a foothold in the consumer tobacco market with e-cigarettes; for marijuana enthusiasts, it means abandoning the odd assortment of pipes, bongs and stealthy one-hitters you may have accumulated throughout your life. It’s better for you than smoking, there’s no second-hand smoke, and it’s way less conspicuous than anything else. Vaping is how the modern man enjoys the inhalants of the world. 

If vaping is the apex of smoking, then the V2 Pro Series 7 is a high point in vaporizer engineering. The 3-in-1 vaporizer kit, designed by the world’s largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes, is built like a Cadillac: rock solid and chock full of shiny baubles. The Series 7 is significantly larger and bulkier (4 oz) than the pencil-like Series 3, but it’s a fair trade-off for the flexibility afforded by a heftier build. The Series 7 is a one-size-fits-all gadget for tobacco and marijuana smokers alike: the device comes with three different cartridges for liquid, wax and loose-leaf, and a variable temperature control gives users maximum control over their experience, burning between 200°C and 225°C with a heat-up time of less than 30 seconds. It’s the smartest vaporizer on the market and incredibly easy to use.

If there’s any major downside to the Series 7, it’s that size does matter. The biggest obstacle to the widespread adoption of e-cigarettes is cultural: they’re fairly conspicuous and make you look like kind of a douche, apparently. The Series 3, with it’s classic cylindrical shape, is a little less garish and affords a bit more comfort to the user; it can be held and diddled like a physical cigarette, making it a less alien object in a social setting. But the Series 7 (and even it’s competitor, the Pax) is very obvious and really never meant to be used in public, or at least around other people. The thing is so big you can’t even cradle it between your knuckles like an oversized cigar, forcing you to palm the entire body, which frankly makes you look like you’re delivering a walking blowjob to some disembodied robot dong. No thanks.

The Series 7 is an amazing machine, and I’d recommend that anyone with $169.99 to spare on a top-of-the-line smoking accessory consider the investment. But if you want a tool you can take anywhere, you may want to consider opting for the Series 3 for just $59.99.