You Will Soon Be Able to Vape on Your Cell Phone

Talk and toke.

One of the gadget world’s trademark moves is to combine two devices into one presumably even more indispensable device. Hey, it’s what Q’s done for Bond for decades! Given the ubiquity of cell phones and growing popularity of vaping, it was only a matter of time before someone married the two.

Named from a quote by Astronomer Seth Shotak, Vaporcade’s Jupiter is a cell phone and vaporizer all-in-one. So now you can enjoy your favorite fluids, medicines, and nutraceuticals on-the-go without having to haul a second device. Especially with the optional hookah tube attachment, it looks much cooler than delivering a walking blowjob to some disembodied robot dong.

Available in both 3G ($299) and 4G LTE ($499) iterations, you can pre-order these phones with the caveat that it’s just a refundable deposit, since they don’t have final FCC approval for sale in the United States. Sounds chill to us.

Photos by Vaporcade