Vatler Is the Future of Parking Lots

Vatler takes the pain out of parking so you can drive to work.

Any city dweller knows that parking your car can be a huge pain in the ass, especially when you’re rolling into work at 8:59. Now one startup is looking to take the pain out of parking by making it someone else’s problem. Called Vatler, the mobile app supplies valets to whoever is in need. They take your car away and bring it back when you need it. Joyrides are kept to a minimum.

Founder Hamza Ouazzani Chahdi came up with the idea for the app based on issues he had while commuting himself. “It was always a pain for me to find parking when I went to the city,” he says. “A valet is really cool and convenient, but the problem is you can’t always find a valet.”

Vatler is currently operating only in San Francisco but plans to expand to L.A. and Seattle within the next six months. Designed specifically for office workers, the service is open from 7am-7pm every day. If you’re working late, Vatler will return your car at 7pm for you to repark keep your vehicle overnight in one of its secure lots. While your car is with Vatler, it’s always covered under the company’s insurance policy. Pricing starts at just $6 an hour.

The company already has a number of individual clients in the Bay Area, but it is targeting bigger fish. Ouazzani Chahdi says several companies are now offering workers monthly credit on the service. “It’s a way to subsidize parking,” he says.

Mention it to your boss.

Photos by Everett Collection