This Simple Video Shows How to Hack Your NES Classic and Add More Games

It’s crazy easy.

The lure of possibly adding more than the 30 legacy titles found on the NES Classic has proven irresistible to retro game lovers—and this awesome video shows just how to do it. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will end up with up to 80 new games to while the weekend away. 

This hack is dirt simple for anyone with decent amount of computer knowledge, and fortunately the narrator does a good job of breaking it down into plain language even a novice can follow. What you’re basically doing here is linking the NES Classic gaming console to a laptop and tricking it into permitting more games. Like any computer, the Classic can reboot into a safety or recovery mode. While it’s in that state, it doesn’t care if you dump a few more games onto the drive. 

Naturally, it’s vital to use caution in this situation. Just as with a smart phone and a number of other devices, in doing this you may end up voiding any warranty on the game. So if some kind of screw-up occurs, you could be out a retro gaming console. 

The hack clearly works, but be sure you’re comfortable with this kind of tinkering before you give it a shot.

h/t The Verge