How Volvo's New Spray Paint Could Save Your Ass

Finally, a car company making cyclists safer.
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Volvo's reflective, washable LifePaint

Volvo's reflective, washable LifePaint (Courtesy Volvo Car UK)

If you're one of those newly-discovered ninja lanternsharks, your goal in life is to blend into dark waters, sneaking up on you prey and hiding from larger predators. By contrast, cyclists who journey in the dark of night (increasingly popular in the northern hemisphere nowadays) want to be seen as much as possible. And Volvo, known for making safe cars, is putting out a product to help keep our bicycle-bound brethren lit up.

LifePaint is a reflective spray that hides by day but comes out at night, when lights (as of those from a passing motor vehicle) shine on it. It works best on textiles—and is supposedly fully washable—but can work on helmets or even the bike itself. Its effects lasting about a week with normal use.

Although we usually tend to go for more tech savvy cycling safety solutions, we applaud Volvo's efforts and look forward to testing out the full range of this product's glowing capabilities both on and—ahemoff the road.

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