The VSN v.360 Captures Panoramic Footage of Your Insane Stunts

It’s rugged, but it can still pirouette.

Much like the extreme athletes whose stunts they’re designed to capture, point of view cameras keep raising the bar.  The latest trend? Those that nab panoramic footage. The easy-to-mount VSN V.360 is one of the best. Capable of withstanding shocks and drops, and depths of 30 feet, the hourglass-shaped action camera records sweeping 360-degree footage at 30 frames per second and snaps 8mp stills. It has a hyperlapse mode, too, and is equipped with onboard Bluetooth, WiFi, and dual microphones as well as a suite of stunt-tracking sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, Altimeter). There’s an included remote, too.

We’ve had the V.360 screwed into our ski helmet for a month and the footage it’s grabbed is beyond impressive, with the stretching, panoramic perspective nabbing not only the rider but also the full-width of the slope from tree-line-to-tree line. At the terrain park, it captured rail slides from the sidelines, the resulting clip curling around itself as one continuous shot. All testers thought the viewpoint was nothing more than a gimmick, but they quickly came around to the lag-free, ultra-sharp results. They loved the companion app, too, which quickly connected to the camera and made it easy to control functions, upload clips, and edit the elongated footage. The only issue? Battery life is a measly two hours. But, in the end, the VSN V.360 provides everything an action junkie could ask for: a fresh perspective and loads of sharable footage. [$399;]