Walmart Is Going to Start Selling Hoverboards

The future is here and it is lit.

Until now, hoverboards have been fairly out-of-reach for average consumer, limited to sci-fi films, Vine stars, and Wiz Khalifa.

But Walmart is out to change that.

The company told BuzzFeed News that they’ll start to sell them on their U.S. website in anticipation of the holiday season as early as November 1st. spokeswoman Jaeme Laczkowski also added that they’ll “see how well this sells and how popular it is” before they decide to sell them in-store. It looks like they currently retail for $399.00 to $429.00, so we’ll have to wait and see if Walmart will be offering hoverboards at Walmart prices.

As many have pointed out, these shouldn’t be called hoverboards because they don’t actually hover off the ground. But hoverboard sounds way more fucking cool than “self-balancing scooter,” which is the product’s actual name. See ’em in action, below:

This is just like the Christmas where you begged your mom to buy you Heelies. Only you’re an adult now, and you can buy your own damn hoverboard. Booyah. 

Photos by Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images