Watch Anna Kendrick Strip Down and Suit Up In the Dizzying New Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront

In the Star Wars universe, everyone can be as awesome as Anna Kendrick. 

If you watch the latest trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, you might  assume the Rapture is upon us. People are disappearing into thin air, from living rooms to the subway to yards across the world, leaving only their clothes behind. They even got Anna Kendrick, the bastards.

Where’s everyone going? To spend all their time in Star Wars Battlefront, of course. The two-minute clip shows off all the vehicle-crashing, lightsaber-twirling carnage you can handle, as well as some sexy Anna Kendrick action…well, for a few seconds anyway. Ever wonder how she might look as a video game character? This trailer will grant that wish, if only for a moment.

Star Wars Battlefront drops November 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.