Watch a CEO Take Fire From an AK-47 to Prove His Armored Cars Are Truly Bulletproof

This wild video is going viral.

Bulletproof CEO Promo
YouTube/Tech Insider

This is a man who stands behind his product. 

Texas Armoring Corporation CEO Trent Kimball took fire from behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz upgraded with the company’s bulletproof technology to prove their armored cars are impenetrable. 

The executive barely flinched as a colleague unloaded 12 deadly rounds from an AK-47. Each was stopped cold by a two-inch thick windshield. 

YouTube/Tech Insider

The video went viral on Twitter, racking up thousands of retweets and likes in days.

Business Insider has further details on how the San Antonio-based business outfits different vehicles: 

To fit the armoring they take each car apart piece by piece, then cover each area in military grade armor.

The fuel tank is coated in ballistic nylon and many other parts are wrapped in steel. Special run-flat tires are fitted and the vehicle is reassembled.   

The Texas Armoring Corporation will bulletproof your ride against pistol rounds for a minimum of $55,000. For a heftier sum of $425,000, you can get James Bond-levels of protection with a siren, strobe lights, electroschock door handles and a smoke screen.