WATCH: How to Turn a High-Powered Drone into a Blender

It captures amazing aerials, it slices, it dices—wait, what?

Turning a DJI drone into a blender

What do you do if your drone breaks? Rather than get down about what it couldn’t anymore do, the high-end British video producers at Speed Motion Films decided to see what it still could. More specifically, they engaged their Letterman-esque sense of curiosity about what would happen if they dropped eggs, donuts, sausages and various produce through the quad blades of their grounded DJI Phantom 3 rigged to whir at full speed, effectively turning it into a very pricy blender.

Naturally, they used a $60,000 Phantom (no relation) Miro from Vision Research to capture the exploit at 1,500 frames per second, revealing every juicy slow-motion result. Our second-favorite part was the explosive blackberries. Number one: how they decided to take care of the messy drone at about the two-minute mark in the video.

See for yourself:

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