Watch This Guy Shoot Every Kind of Gun Imaginable, Because It Looks Fun As Hell

Time to get FIRED UP.

Let's face it, shooting guns is a hell of a lotta fun. And shooting a veritable arsenal of high-powered firearms at the range is certifiably awesome, no doubt about it.

Just take a look at the unbelievably sweet video above of this guy busting caps at Battlefield Las Vegas range with tons of different guns. Dude pops off with everything from a Beretta pistol to an AK-47 to a goddamn Minigun, and it all looks fun as hell. 


Our trigger-happy pals at military site Task and Purpose have nothing but respect for the intrepid shooter, whose video pretty much went viral on Reddit last week.

battlefield las vegas guns

Couple of notes: Homeboy holds his own when the weapons are on full-auto. They don’t push him around, and that’s not easy. Also, check out that M-16 at 2:25. That thing is older than the post-Vietnam M-16 they issued me in boot camp.

He fires it in full-auto, which miraculously doesn’t result in a jam. Lastly, the coolest moment of the video comes at 2:44, when our friend is firing the M-1 Garand. The staff member is standing next to him, casually observing his firing, and when the clip ejects, he sticks a hand out and flawlessly catches it. Too smooth.

The video was shot at Battlefield Las Vegas, a large shooting range for tourists that describes itself on its website as “veteran owned and operated,” and allows visitors to fire a variety of weapons in various themed packages, including a “SEAL Team Six Experience,” which involves firing an MP5 submachine gun and an M-249 SAW light machine gun.

There’s also a “PVT Ryan Experience,” which includes firing a Colt 1911; a M-1918A2 BAR, and of course, an M-1 Garand.

The whole shebang reportedly cost more than $1,000. But judging from the orgasmic look on the shooter's face, it was money well spent. 

(Photo: Youtube)

(Photo: Youtube)

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