We Really Want This Hot Tub Tug Boat

This is how you’ll know you’ve made it.

In need of a boat that seamlessly transitions from summer to winter weather? Want to take those spa vibes to open water? Look no further than the Hot Tug. Though it sounds like a sex act that’s probably illegal in about 10 states, this hybrid hot tub-tug boat is everything your aquatic adventures need…for the incredibly fair price of $46,668. 

The wood-burning stove powers a toasty warm hot tub that seats 6-8 of your new best friends, who will surely come flocking as you demonstrate your Poisedon-esque levels of seafaring prowess. The vessel comes with a tarpaulin, water temperature thermometer, and 8 life jackets (because safety first). And if you’re wondering how to pay for the newest addition to your watercraft arsenal, consider charging your buddies $1,000 a pop and your crippling debt will be paid off in no time.

Photos by Firebox