This Hands-Free Athletic Camera Will Amplify Your Game

Record your play, train better, and brag to your friends.

Even if your very own personal camera man follows you to every practice, scrimmage and game, he probably doesn’t have the proper equipment or skills to capture what you want—and definitely can’t capture what you see. Other action cameras, while seemingly small, are relatively bulky and distracting when used in athletics. But the curved U-HWK Show integrates flushly with your helmet to stealthily record exactly what you see while you play.

Other than just creating your own personal highlight reel to share with friends (when you connect the cam to a computer), this little 1.5-ounce HD video cam is a great training tool for improving your game. Along with attachments for various helmets, the kit comes with a necklace and headband for non-helmet athletes, plus a memory card, charger and carrying case.

As of this writing, you can pick up a Show on Kickstarter for just $129—about half what it’s expected to retail for. Assuming they score the last few thousand bucks they need, it’s expected to ship early next year.

Photos by U-HWK