How to Get More Cell Phone Bars Anywhere in Your Home

For all that (ahem) downloading you do there.

Is your streaming more like a trickle? Don’t be nervous, it happens to a lot of guys. But just to be clear, we’re talking about your cellular capabilities, given the spotty phone reception in your innermost sanctum. The weBoost Home 4G ($400) can help rectify that very personal problem.

No matter what your U.S. or Canadian carrier, it’ll give you more speed, consistency and bars. (You have to start with at least one though.) It provides up to 1,500 square feet of indoor coverage for multiple devices at once.

The best part is that not only will this thing increase the reliability of your cell service and have you talking, streaming and surfing in no time, but it’ll add hours of use to each phone charge, cause it won’t have to spend all its energy straining to search for a signal. Sweet, sweet cell phone freedom.

Photos by weBoost