What’s on your iPhone: Ryan Reynolds’ App Picks

Because iPhone apps are the windows to the soul.

Short of sneaking into their house and reading text messages (we swear, we don’t do that anymore), you can tell a lot about a person from the apps on their iPhone. In between his cameo in Ted, marrying Blake Lively and signing on to revisit (and revise) Marvel’s Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds shared his favorite apps with us. And now we’re sharing them with you…but we’re keeping his text messages for ourselves.

Pandora – I use it everywhere. The car, home, office. I can’t believe a service can be this good, yet remain free of charge. (brought to you by the Department For Giving Pandora Dumb-ass Ideas.

Mr Porter – I like clothes. I don’t like shopping for them. This app has just about everything you’d ever need in the world of beautiful clothes — from buttoned up to casual. And you can do it all while walking the dog in Central Park

This American Life – I’m a huge fan of the show. There’s something about Ira Glass and his everyman take on themundane, extraordinary and all things in between. This show has been a constant companion for countless train rides, road trips and days spent hiding from the world while sitting in my kitchen.

Triumph Motorcycle 101 – Love this App. Basically a tutorial about breaking down your Triumph Motorcycle. Repair, maintenance, oil changes. I own an old Bonneville and this app helps me keep it running in tip top shape.

FDX Reader Mobile – Final draft app developed by genius screenwriter John August. Makes the Final Draft programcompatible for the iPhone. Finally.

Sonos – Complete home music system controlled entirely from the iPhone or iPad. Compatible with Pandora, iTunes, etc.

TED – Not the film about acuddly, drug-addled bear. TED is a forum for which some of the world’s mostfascinating people share stories and experiences. Education radicals, tech geniuses, even firemen. Everybody has a story.

Orbitz – Easy app for booking flights, anytime anywhere. I travel a lot for work. When I’m not working, Itravel a lot for me.

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