This WiFi-Enabled Smart Grill Monitors Cooking and Sends You Recipes

Traeger’s Ironwood 885 is a smartphone-connected supergrill.


May is almost here and with it, grilling season begins in earnest. It’s even coronavirus-proof, at least for anyone lucky enough to have room to get outside and cook. Traeger has made it easier than ever now with its new Ironwood 885 WiFi-enabled grill.


To make the Ironwood 885 a true smart grill, Traeger developed its own “WiFire” tech. This links the grill to any smartphone equipped with a companion app. This is where it gets very cool: The app is the secret sauce in ensuring you not only have a choice of recipes—it will suggest them based on available ingredients—but also in monitoring progress. 

The Ironwood is even able to send alerts to the cook in case they need to tend to the grill. 

That’s not all. Additional features include Traeger’s D2 Direct Drive temperature monitoring system, which uses sensors to ensure consistency. A drop in temp and the grill will even shift pellets automatically between hopper and fire to kick it up a notch. The pellet sensor also keeps an eye on fuel level and notifies users when a refill is needed.


More specs directly from Traeger’s website below.


  • Cooking capacity: 10 chickens, 7 rib racks, 9 pork butts
  • Total cooking space: 85 sq. in.
  • Pellet hopper capacity: 20 lbs.
  • Total unit weight: 175 lbs.
  • Max cooking temp: 500° F

If you thought there was something familiar about this grill, that’s because in summer 2019 Traeger teamed with Indian to build what we called “the motorcycle/grill hybrid you never knew you needed,” an Indian Springfield Darkhorse with the Traeger Ironwood 885 as its sidecar. 

Sorry to say, the bike-grill combo is a rare model. There are plenty of solo Ironwoods to go around, though. There’s a slightly smaller Ironwood 650 unit that costs $1,200. The Ironwood 885 retails for $1,500 USD. 

In response to the stay-at-home orders issued to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Traeger Grills is offering cooking resources for cooks in a weekly campaign called “Traeger On.” Each uniquely themed session features live cooking classes hosted by influential grillmasters and chefs, who walk viewers  through a step-by-step demonstration of their favorite recipes on social media.

The week beginning on April 4 will see a takeover by world champion pitmaster Danielle “Diva Q” Bennett, followed by the a celebration of the summer grilling season’s kick-off by BBQ-loving Traeger reps Chad Ward and Matt Pittman on May 16. 

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