Will This Floating Wearable Keep You From Dying In A Watery Grave?

The newest iteration of aquatic survival gear is perhaps the most compact option yet.

The most recent survival gadget to hit the crowd-funding market is essentially a life jacket you wear on your wrist. They’re calling itKingii, and at the very least, it may be the answer to awkward life-vest tan lines. 

The vibrant, can’t-miss orange floatation device uses a CO2 cartridge to inflate at the touch of a button, propelling you to the surface of the water. The accompanying whistle and compass make it a safety triple threat  in case your oceanic exploits go from Baywatch to Deep Blue Sea. 

The lightweight nature of Kingii make it a far less bulky alternative to traditional floating devices—it’s the kind of innovative engineering that makes the difference between being able to freely paddle and swim or feeling like a super-buoyant Michelin Man. To get one of your own, head to their Indiegogo page and help them raise funds for a wearable you may actually want to wear.