Will Hyperwalk Be the Segway You’re Not Embarassed to Ride?

Walking places was so 2014.

Motorized scooters = infinitely better than walking. You really can’t argue with a mode of transportation that eliminates all physical exertion from the equation. But the trouble, perhaps until now, has been how infinitely stupid riders look on them. 

In design, Hyperwalk appears to be half scooter, half skateboard, and without the cane-like handle that labels Segway users as woefully out-of-date. With a cruising speed of 6 mph and a maximum speed of 9 mph, Hyperwalk is operated by leaning forward; simply lean back to put it in reverse.

If the outpouring of social media commentary from young Hollywood is any indication, you may be looking at the newest trend taking over the roads. The Daily Dot reports that VidCon 2015 was crawling with YouTube stars zipping around on the things, without a helmet in sight.


A video posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Apr 30, 2015 at 3:01pm PDT

And with stars like Kendall Jenner hopping on board (literally), there’s no telling how much steam they’ll pick up.

Until then, however, given the $750 pricetag, we’re keeping our feet on the ground.