This 7-Foot-Tall Super Speaker Brings Ultra-High-End Audio to New Heights

Tower of power.

Wilson Audio

Luxury audio mastermind Dave Wilson has been building ultra-high-end speakers for decades, and he may have just debuted his most impressive unit yet. 

Behold the WAMM Master Chronosonic Speaker, a seven-foot-tall, nine-speaker monster that reproduces sound with mind-boggling clarity and realness. 

Wilson Audio

Dubbed “the most time-domain correct loudspeaker in the world,” each of the unit’s speakers is housed in its own cabinet and set precisely to ensure the most lifelike sound possible. 

Limited to just 70 pairs, each speaker is an absolute marvel of modern engineering, just check out the video above. But unsurprisingly, they don’t come cheap…at all. In fact, it actually costs more than most houses or supercars. 

But if money is no object in your pursuit of the ultimate home audio system, go to Wilson Audio’s site learn more about this $850,000 behemoth. 

Just make sure not to crank it up too loud and wake up your neighbors.