Wilson’s 6-Foot Speakers Deliver A Truly Powerful Audio Experience

Tower of power.

Wilson Chronosonic XVX Promo
Wilson Audio Specialties

Wilson Audio Specialties is taking hi-fi home audio to crazy new heights with the new Chronosonic XVX. Standing at an imposing six-feet tall, the Utah-based luxury loudspeaker company’s latest flagship builds on the original Chronosonic model and its Wilson Audio Modular Monitor (WAMM), which was invented by the late company founder Dave Wilson.  

Wilson Audio Specialties

The Chronosonic XVX, which was designed by designed by Dave’s son and successor Daryl, boasts some of technology present in its predecessor, including 10.5- and 12.5-inch woofers, critical crossover components and connectors. New for the XVX is a “QuadraMag” midrange
unit that combines Alnico (aluminum, nickel and cobalt) magnets in a “quadrature” geometry to deliver low distortion, crystal-clear mid-range frequency and ultra-high resolution from one unit. 

Robb Report has further details: 

A four-inch upper-midrange driver and a one-inch silk-fabric tweeter reproduce higher frequencies with transparent ease, while another tweeter firing from the rear replicates the ambience of the recording venue. Atop the main cabinet are four smaller modules containing a single driver each, stacked in a novel array that can be adjusted to optimize sound, depending on listener distance from the speakers, seat height and acoustic variables of the room itself.

Wilson Audio Specialties

Additionally, the XVX features two micrometer units that facilitate the exact movements of its components and two-precision engineered enclosure materials: an X-Material that offers extreme rigidity, monotonicity, and intrinsic damping, and a new “V-Material” that dampens vibrations by turning energy into heat at an “unparalleled” rate, according to Wilson. Everything comes together to deliver the type of ultra-realistic sonic experience of a live concert. 

Not to mention, the XVX looks fantastic with a “WilsonGloss”-finished cabinet and a choice of four standard colors, 12 upgraded colors or five top-end pearl colors. 

But let’s hope you have plenty of disposable income if you’re interested in actually buying these ultra-premium speakers. Priced at an eye-watering $329,000, the Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX is available at just six dealers located across the U.S.—find the one closest to you here