The Winnebago Travato 59G Proves ‘Motorhome’ Isn’t an Insult

Forget about that bulky truck from Breaking Bad.

Culturally, “Winnebago” is a heavy term—that is, Winnebagos are seen as conveyances of heavy people whose idea of camping involves pounds of hamburger and hernia-inducing generator. But, with the release of the redesigned Travato (apparently a portmanteau born of “travel” and “Clamato”), the sleekly styled, cherry-red sports car of motorhomes, that conception is out of date. 

The Travato is a compact truck aimed precisely at people who, in fact, would love nothing more than a good trek up Katahdin. Based on the Ram ProMaster/Fiat Ducato chassis, it provides great maneuverability – no more getting stuck on access roads – and fantastic economy with the optional turbo-diesel motor (nearly 20 mpg highway without).

Inside, LED lighting, touch screen controls and a double Murphy bed provide some luxury, but the real asset to the outdoorsy is the cabin’s flexible design, which allows the bed to be flipped up to provide storage space for bicycles or skis, easily accessed through the large rear doors.

Rather than a retrofitted luxury liner, think of the Travato as the Subaru Outback’s more capacious cousin. It’s that handy. [$85, 476;]

Photos by Winnebago