These Slick Wireless Earbuds Help Charge Your Phone

Kiss your terrible old earbuds goodbye.

Technology—and for that matter, fashion—has a funny way of seeming almost magical at first and then losing its coolness over time. Just as the sun has long since set on the era of the fannypack, similarly dwindling is the time of the mono Bluetooth earpiece, with its wrap-around style and extended mic boom.

Super slick Skybuds are truly wireless stereo buds that comfortably fit (and stay) in your ears, giving you wire-free access and premium sound for both your tunes and calls all day. But the best part is that when you’re not wearing them, their storage case not only charges them, but your phone as well. And should they somehow elude both your ears and their case, you can use the app on your phone to locate them.

Check out this video for more information, as well as proper etiquette for barging out of a meeting, stealing a bike and having fun on the Santa Monica pier:

Though they’ve almost met their goal on Kickstarter, you can still score these futuristic buds for the early bird price of $224—an odd-sounding figure, but it’s $75 off the retail. And if all goes well, you’ll have ’em in your ears by mid-spring.

Photos by Alpha Audiotronics