Woman With a Tool: Strong Finish

We’ve found a nail gun worth throwing down the hammer for.

Problem: During extended home improvement benders, too much hammering can drive your overworked muscles straight to sore city. Solution: the Bostitch GFN1564K 15-gauge finish nailer, a semiautomatic striker that will have you wasting wainscoting, conquering crown molding, and housing hardwood cabinets, all before lunch. This 4.2- pound magnesium masterpiece is more than just a brute beater. An adjustable depth guide can precisely control how deep you’re nailing; oil-free operation ensures you won’t leave stains behind; and a lockout function even prevents misfires. Only after you’ve nailed all the trim in the house will they be able to pull this gun from your warm, not overly fatigued hands. $309, amazon.com

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