This Wooden Side Table Actually Charges Your Phone

Just lay your phone down to juice it up.

Dude, you’re way too wired—and we’re not talking about that energy drink addiction of yours. With all the devices you’ve got to keep powered up, there are way too many charging cords in your life. The FurniQi side table aims to take care of that.

The “Furni” part is that it’s first and foremost a simple but handsome, practical bamboo side table. “Qi” refers to the wireless charging standard that lets you simply place your compatible phone or watch on the table to charge it. (The table’s plugged into the wall via a discreet wood-colored cord.) It’s easy and much more sightly than that crazy rat’s nest you’re currently sporting.

As of this writing, you can still grab one at the $119 earlybird price on Indiegogo. If successful, it’ll  ship in December. Giving you a convenient place both to charge your phone and rest your brandy-soaked egg nog for the holidays.

Photos by Fonesalesman