The Wooden Touchscreen Has Arrived And It Sounds Great

And it’s smart enough to know your musical tastes.

We live in a post-touch era, where every piece of glass is assumed to be a touchscreen, and we’re much more likely to “swipe” than “click”. So there’s something refreshing about holding the new Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment. The centralized streaming sound controller masks its touch controls within an inconspicuous oak panel, resulting in what the company claims is the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface. Tap the wood, and the music (drawn from your music collection or streaming services, and dished to connected speakers) plays. Use it enough, and its AI learns what you like to listen to and when, allowing it to predict song requests before you even dial them in. And while the Bang & Olufsen brand suggests this single-purpose device will likely have a price tag capable of netting you a half-dozen app-playing, music-streaming, chat-having iPads; we, however, support our new robot DJ overlords. [coming soon;]