These Badass Knives Are Crafted From Woolly Mammoth Tusks and Dinosaur Bones

It's like having a piece of the Ice Age in your pocket.
Santa Fe Stoneworks Woolly Mammoth Knives

If you're in the market for a handsome folding knife that distinguishes itself from the rest, there's a cool new line of blades that seeks inspiration from the bones of pre-historic beasts.

Santa Fe Stoneworks' Woolly Mammoth Tusk and (Dinosaur) Bone Knives not only sound totally badass, but they're now 15 percent off, which isn't too shabby. They're perfect for a last-minute Christmas gift, or just a unique present for yourself. 


The no-frills design features a 3' blade forged from 16 layers Damascus steel that locks into place when open. 


Sections of Woolly Mammoth bone or tusks decorated with turquoise inlays constitute one side of each handle. Opposing sides are carved from wood. 


No two tusks are the same, meaning each is truly one of a kind.


If giant prehistoric elephants are your thing, a dinosaur bone knife with an amber inlay is also available. 

dinosaur bone

Prices start at $115. Purchase your very own piece of prehistory from Huckberry now. 

h/t: Gear Patrol 

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