The World’s Biggest 4K Widescreen TV is Here, And It’s Spectacular

Is 262 inches enough for ya?

4k 500 k tv
C Seed

C SEED is an electronics company specializing in luxury items for outdoor and indoor use. With their giant new C SEED 262 4K widescreen TV, they’ve pretty much crushed the wall-mounted flat screen game. 

The 262 is 20 feet wide and 8 feet high and has a crisp 4K display. It doesn’t just function as a TV, though—it contains an integrated server and a six-speaker surround sound setup. To complete the cinematic feel, the 262 has a fabric cover that can slide into place via remote command. 

4k Giant TV
C Seed

C SEED, after specializing in screens for outdoor use, says in a release that the company has begun focusing on the indoor mega-TV experience, “where up to now conventional wisdom dictated that full cinematic entertainment is only available in a private movie theater in a remote corner of a luxury mansion.” 

If you can throw some cash at a home cinema, why not make it work for you? Makes sense to us.   

4 k 500 k TV
C Seed

This massive unit retails for $549,000, but given its specs, that sounds like a pretty good deal—as long as you’ve got a wall wide enough to take it.

h/t HighSnobiety