The World’s Biggest Camera Company Will No Longer Make Film Cameras

Canon is the latest to go totally digital.

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Remember film? Putting the little roll inside the open case, shutting it, advancing till you had the first full frame, then shooting a bunch of blurry blobs? Many don’t anymore, outside of serious photographers.

If you were ever into old-school photography and the wide varieties of shots you could get through adjusting exposures and focus, etc., know that Canon, the biggest name in the biz, is done with film as a medium. It’s all digital from here on out.

The Canon EOS-1V hit the market 18 years ago. It was a film camera and a wickedly fast one for the time. Canon kept making them for 10 years, quit, then continued selling whatever inventory they had left.

Now they’re officially gone, and if you want one, go to eBay. This signals the end of an era; Canon doesn’t have a single film camera in its current inventory.

To their credit, Canon hung on to that particular model for a long time compared to competitors. Nikon went fully digital, phasing out all film cameras, in 2006. Film manufacturer Fujifilm has been phasing out a variety of products for some time now.

She still has her film camera

Vinyl records seemed dead decades ago, then hipsters demanding the warmer, more bass-friendly format basically brought them back from the dead. 

While it doesn’t seem too likely that connoisseurs of old cameras will spark a similar resurrection of film, we’re pretty sure enough photographers have hoarded rolls that you’ll be able to find some on eBay for years to come.

Pour one out for good old 35mm film. Taking blurry, underexposed pics of your dog will never be quite as fun again.