The World’s First Coffee-Making Refrigerator

Your mornings just got way easier.

After getting a good night’s rest and waking up refreshed, your first priority of the day is making sure there’s a daily dose of coffee coming your way. Time to head to the refrigerator—not for chilled beans to grind, but for the actual piping hot cup of joe itself. That’s  because the fridges in GE’s new Café Series have Keurig K-cup brewing systems built right into their French doors.

Other than the drool-worthy convenience of making the fridge your one-stop shop for beverages, the best part is not having to worry about pouring the right amount of filtered water in every time. As a bonus, you can preset the automatic brew time via an app on your phone.

Available starting today in both 22 and 28 cubic feet sizes, these hot water dispensing wonder appliances retail for $3,300 and are available at Lowes.

Now, if only these fridges could bring the beverages right to you, they’d be perfect. Who can we call about that?

Photos by GE Appliances