The World’s First Fully Autonomous Aerial Drone

Finally, no fancy remote or pilot lessons needed.

Unlike all the other drones we’ve covered before, this one flies by itself.

From its Android or iOS companion app, you simply tell the Hexo+ where and how you want it to follow you (with a GoPro or 360cam in tow on its 3-axis gimbal). Then you put your phone in your pocket with the GPS turned on and set off on your adventure. Flying at up to 45 MPH through most temperatures and altitudes you’re likely to encounter, it follows you within a few hundred feet. (So make sure you’re in an open, unobstructed area!) The video below shows some great examples of the kinds of amazing aerial shots you can get with it.

If it sounds familiar, you might remember its successful Kickstarter campaign, which eclipsed its $50K goal in just 37 minutes and went on to raise $1.3 million. Now it’s available for pre-order on their site for $1,349. And from what they’ve told us, this batch  will be delivered to your door before Christmas. (Although wouldn’t it be cooler if it just flew itself right to you?!)

Photos by Squadrone System