This Super-Sized Super Soaker Blasts a Jet of Water at 272 MPH, And It’s All We Want Right Now

You need to see this thing in action.

Mark Rober is a mad genius with a big backyard, an endless amount of engineering knowledge, and a ton of time of on his hands. He recently put all those things to use to build the world’s largest Super Soaker, a seven foot long force of destruction that shoots water at an astonishing 272 MPH. 

That’s fast enough to chop a watermelon in half, blast open a Coke can and puncture yoga balls with ease. 

The giant Super Soak operates similarly to the smaller version that you’re used to. But instead of using air pressure to propel water, it uses high pressure nitrogen gas. That helps ramp this baby up to 2400 PSI, which is eight times more powerful than a fire hose and 60 times more powerful than the piddly jet that came out of the original Super Soaker. As Rober puts it, it’s “probably overkill.”

This is not Rober’s first foray into building giant kids toys. He’s also the guy behind the world’s largest Nerf gun—a massive revolver that uses a big ass paintball tank to shoot pool noodle darts 40 MPH. 

Shine on, you crazy diamond.