You'll Lose Your Damn Mind When You Find Out How Expensive This Amp Is

Go ahead, guess at the double it. You're still under.
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Andrea Pivetta's Opera Only amp unfolds

Far left, Andrea Pivetta's Opera Only amp unfolded (Photo: Only Creative)

Just in case you were wondering how much the most expensive amplifier in the world costs, the Italian-made Opera Only soars way above every other amp on the list at $2.2 million dollars.

Meantime, it looks like the freakin' International Space Station—and probably costs just as much. So what pray tell do you get for that almost unimaginable figure?

At a combined 160,000 watts, you could rock an IMAX theater—several, actually. Naturally you'd need to find some big ass speakers to play through. Or maybe a dozen. Honestly, a technological endeavor of this scale pretty well defies written description.

But check it out unfurling about 26 seconds into this supremely overdramatic video:

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