You’ll Lose Your Damn Mind When You Find Out How Expensive This Amp Is

Go ahead, guess at the price…now double it. You’re still under.

Andrea Pivetta's Opera Only amp unfolds

Just in case you were wondering how much the most expensive amplifier in the world costs, the Italian-made Opera Only soars way above every other amp on the list at $2.2 million dollars.

Meantime, it looks like the freakin’ International Space Station—and probably costs just as much. So what pray tell do you get for that almost unimaginable figure?

At a combined 160,000 watts, you could rock an IMAX theater—several, actually. Naturally you’d need to find some big ass speakers to play through. Or maybe a dozen. Honestly, a technological endeavor of this scale pretty well defies written description.

But check it out unfurling about 26 seconds into this supremely overdramatic video:

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