The World’s Only Universal MacBook Battery Pack

Finally, no more worrying about finding outlets on the go.

Taking advantage of the single (innovative but potentially frustrating) USB-C port in Apple’s new MacBooks, HyperJuice is introducing two cool new adapters by way of an Indiegogo campaign. The Magic Box 29W ($35 on IG, retailing for $50) enables their fancy HyperJuice batteries to deftly charge the new USB-C MacBooks (or older ones using a MagSafe connection) at a quick, safe and complete 29 watts.

Of course, you don’t need to use their particular battery (although, worth noting, that one can simultaneously charge your two favorite tablets or other mobile devices as well). But if you’re going to use another USB battery pack to charge your new MacBook and give a rat’s ass about eventually frying said shiny laptop, you may want to invest in their Magic Box 12W (on IG for $25, retailing at $30). Unlike regular dumb adapter cables, it features a smart power regulator, for safe and speedy charging at up to (you guessed it!) 12 watts.

Photos by Sanho Corporation