The Worx Landroid Robo Mower Wants To Care For Your Lawn, Mate With Your Roomba

The 28V robotic mower is smart enough to navigate narrow paths, sense rain, and adjust its blades based on your yard’s incline.

You could pay the twelve-year old down the block to cut your grass every couple of weeks. Or, you could enlist the services of the Worx Landroid. Featuring a suite of sensors as well as its own decision-making algorithm (that’s right), the fully automated 18-pound robotic mower is smart enough to traverse and trim nearly any type of lawn. Simply enter a schedule using the mower’s command panel, lay down a few wire guides, and it’s ready to go. The Landroid’s adjustable deck can be tweaked with a knob turn to slice grass down to 2mm and it will calculate such factors as incline and drift to ensure every blade is cut evenly. It’s also smart enough to pull evasive maneuvers when it senses rocks, forgotten toys, and other such blade-ruiners and will pull over if it rains during a scheduled session. Packing a 28V lithium-ion battery, the Landroid cuts up to 1,000 square feet per charge; when ready to refuel, it will return to it’s dock. And because Worx knows the Landroid will be the target of envious neighbors (and out of work twelve-year olds), it has an alarm system. [$900;]