The Wrist-Mounted Pyro Let’s You ‘Flame On’

The wrist-mounted, four-chamber Pyro allows you to launch actual fireballs using live explosives.

Since you first laid eyes on fire, you’ve wanted to shoot it out of your fingers. It’s weird, but everyone feels that way. Now, Ellusionist, manufacturer of magic trick accessories, is making this overdue dream a reality with Pyro, a wrist-mounted, four-chamber launcher that allows you to fling fireballs using live explosives. It looks like a standard cuff and uses AAA batteries to ignite its supplied ammunition—flash paper and cotton you roll like joints into fire bullets. Reign down holy terror by pressing the controller with your other hand. Pyro’s operable from a distance of 30 feet, meaning you can do anything from theatrically lighting the grill at your next barbecue to scorching paper plate skeet. For purists, there’s over an hour of downloadable instructional video available to ensure that fun doesn’t end in tragedy, as well as creative ideas for using Pyro. But let’s be honest: You’ll use it to hurl fire while screaming “Hadouken” until your throat gets hoarse. [$174;]