This Folding Automatic Rifle Is a Marvel of Modern-Day Firearms Engineering

Well, this isn’t something you see every day…

XAR Invicta
Photos: F&D Defense

Photos: F&D Defense

A groundbreaking new firearms technology is taking one of America’s most popular rifles to unprecedented levels of portability.

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The the XAR Invicta Folding Automatic Rifle takes the standard AR-15 platform to new engineering heights by adapting it with the firearm manufacturer’s ingenious foldable technology. (Though don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually a semi-automatic weapon.)

Chambered for 5.56 round, the gun’s fully-enclosed system utilizes a 4-bolt lockup system and an adjustable gas valve that allows for the Invicta to be deployed in just a few seconds without requiring to the user to fumble around with any loose parts. 

Photo: F&D Defense

The video below shows how it can be removed from a backpack, assembled and cocked with incredible ease. 

From gun manufacturer F&D Defense: 

.XAR is a fully enclosed system and removes the possibility of losing or damaging crucial parts. This concept has been meticulously engineered to provide reliability and durability, and extensively tested to ensure accuracy after being stowed and redeployed.   

Image: F&D Defense

By removing the limitations of a barrel nut and adding the XAR folding innovation, F&D Defense has created the most compact, fastest deployed AR rifle in the industry, without sacrificing the reliability, durability, and accuracy demanded and expected.  

And before anyone out there gets up in arms about making an assault-style weapon way more portable, this gun is aimed squarely at law-abiding firearms owners looking for a unique rifle to bring to the firing range.

Think of it as a foldable bike–except, you know, it’s a deadly weapon that fires bullets.

Information regarding pricing and configurations will be released when the XAR Invicta goes on sale later this summer. 

h/t: Uncrate